Logistics & Produce Management

Logistics and Produce Management

We've spent a quarter of a century developing superior infrastructure, processes and systems.

Ensuring that the quality from farm gate is maintained every step of the way is our most important task. So Fresh Produce Group has created purpose-built facilities for the receipt, storage, handling and dispatch of fresh produce, utilising the most sophisticated equipment and systems available.

These facilities are located across Australia with the objective to provide efficient daily service and produce supply to the major supermarket chains in Australia as well as leading independent retailers.

As a national provider of produce supply chain management and logistics, Fresh Produce Group offers facilities and expertise in this area.

We can tailor a produce management service to your needs, including:

  • Program management
  • Ripening and conditioning
  • Cold storage
  • Rapid pre-cooling
  • Hydro cooling
  • Distribution
  • Pre-pack options
  • Restacking/repackaging
  • Labelling/barcoding