About Us

About Us

When Robert Nugan established Fresh Produce Group in 1991 he committed to sourcing, growing and distributing the freshest quality produce.

Recognised as one of Australia’s largest and most innovative produce suppliers we continue to grow our investment in Australian farms. From wholly owned farms to joint ventures a continued vertical integration strategy underpins our approach.

Our farms and growers across Australia and the world provide our domestic and international customers with quality produce. The business now comprises of growing, importing, exporting, wholesale, pre-packing, ripening, logistics and marketing of produce in Australia and the world.

One of Australia’s largest innovative produce suppliers

Our People

We recognise that Fresh Produce Group is only as strong as our people make it. We encourage the pursuit of excellence and we reward fresh thinking. This has allowed us to build a team of experienced committed professionals.

Management Team

Robert Nugan

Executive Chairman

Anthony Poiner

Executive Director

Dale Doonan

Chief Financial Officer

Taryn Mielekamp

Human Resources Manager

Graham Chartres

Commercial Director Fruit and Vegetable

Malcolm McLean

Commercial Director Export, Business Development, IP

Ben Tanner

General Manager FPGWA

Richie Hacker

Commercial Director Logistics

Joseph Ekman

Technical Director

Brendon Lai

Business Manager Wholesale

Garth Milne

Third Party Logistics Manager

Margaret Mason

Marketing Manager