The Best Quality Produce Available
We are proud that our industry partners represent the very best fruit and vegetable supply brands in Australia and around the world. Together we bring the highest quality produce available to customers everywhere.

Grown in Australia at our vineyard in Red Cliffs Victoria our TREVISO branded table grapes are fast growing a reputation as a high quality consistently flavoured sweet seedless table grapes.

Smart Berries is a popular berry brand available from leading grocery stores across Australia and Asia. Smart berries is dedicated to selecting and growing the very best quality berries using world class breeding program exclusively grown by Smart Berries in Australia and New Zealand.

Located in Western Australia FRUITICO is growing world class table grapes – every day of the year. FRUITICO’s vision, relentless drive and passion for innovation has built this brand to be recognised as world class grower. 

The Tumut Grove orchard is located in the prime produce-growing region of Sunraysia Mildura. Recognised as a premium grower and marketer under the Tumut Grove brand across Australia.

Summerina Logo

Summerina Mandarins are a wholesome and healthy, guilt-free snack. Perfect for big and little hands, anytime of the day.

Kimberley Asparagus is grown and harvested in the pristine Kimberley region of Western Australia. Kimberley Asparagus presents a unique sweet, clean and crisp flavour, sought after by the Best Restaurants in Western Australia.

Millewa is a growing brand of premium Australian table grapes and citrus fruit. Harvested in Mildura, Victoria, Millewa is exclusive to the exports and wholesale market.

Betty Blues is our exclusive blueberries wholesale brand sold at leading grocers across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our berries are renowned for their sweet and juicy flavour as they are picked at the peak of their ripeness to ensure we provide you with high quality berries.

Ruby Reds is our exclusive Raspberries wholesale brand sold at leading grocers across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our Ruby Reds Raspberries are available at leading Grocers across Australia.